Constructive. An unspecified variety of music, sometimes with a visual counterpoint.

Constructive is the sister label to SN Variations.


Paul Prudence
The Bardo Matrix (For A & I)
Edition of 10 digital pigment prints
Somerset velvet
330 gsm


'A mass of signs, alive and morphing, like charged sigils or an arcane mathematical notation.

This drawing, made for the Utopia Or Oblivion project, is part of a series titled New Maps Of Midnight which aims to access an internal grimoire via a process of automatic drawing.

The works in the series hint towards a universal language, which has broken free from the constraints of fixed meaning. Writing has decided to regress back to revealing the forms it was designed to signify; reaching a threshold and a port of entry.'

- Paul Prudence

Paul Prudence print

Joe Gilmore
Edition of 20 Giclée Print by Joe Gilmore
305 × 305 mm
Printed on Hahnemühle Photorag paper


Utopia or Oblivion Front Cover

Hasaqui Yamanobe
2 x 50 on chain works

The experimental music that incorporates chance and utilizes the particles of subtle sounds as materials and the visual of Generative Art can resonate with each other. With the emergence of NFT, Generative Art can now sell and exhibit each of the diverse generated visuals as a work of code data. I expect that the relationship between such new Generative Art and music will be further developed in the future.

The two works I am presenting as a collaboration are both created with inspiration from the music of the album "Utopia or Oblivion" and the question from Buckminster Fuller's book, "Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment. Humanity is in a final exam as to whether or not it might qualify for continuance in the Universe." They both show different developments based on a common code as a starting point.

There are many NFT projects addressing social issues, and many people are deeply considering the inherent possibilities of blockchain and decentralization. While I am a fan of multifaceted NFT art and conduct research on various genres of works, as an artist, I am working to create and present works that make me feel refined. Listening to the music of "Utopia or Oblivion" and touching on Buckminster Fuller's words have been very stimulating for me.

Buckminster Fuller expressed the universe or consciousness as multiple episodes that overlap and fold non-synchronously. The work generated here is a map of overlapping consciousness, and I created it using p5js while feeling clues to the future in such multifaceted aspects.

In this work, I generated a vibrating square-shaped structure and sublime straight lines through association with musical reverberation. Buckminster Fuller mentioned "Integrity," which is necessary to create invention and design on a cosmic scale in his book "Cosmography." I worked on this piece with the aim of generating a visual that allows us to feel a refined sense of touching even a little of such integrity.

Project #26471
Project #26468

Yamanobe image 02

Yamanobe image 01

Takuma Watanabe
Animated films by Takuma Watanbe for tracks from Last Afternoon

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